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Susan Watson, a southern California native, currently lives in Reno, Nevada.  Her work has exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally.  In 2014, her painting  "SUBMERGED" won "Best in Show" at the Tahoe Maritime Museum exhibition SUNKEN TREASURES.

An artist and painter for more than 40 years, her education and style have continually evolved. During 2006-2008 while living in Paris, she studied at the studio of Nina Kovacheva and was encouraged to painter larger and more abstractly.  In the last decade she began experimenting with not having a visual point of reference, but rather an emotional or visceral one and she describes the style as Non-Objective rather than Abstract.

Susan was chosen to represent the USA at the 4th Edition of The Mediterranean Days of Visual Arts in Hammamet, Tunisia which is organized with the support of the International Cultural Center of Hammamet.  The purpose of the symposium is to encourage creative exchanges between Tunisian and international contemporary visual artists where they can spend one week together cross pollinating ideas and experiencing other cultures. 

 "I felt honored to be in the presence of over 35 international artists who are highly esteemed in their country and whose work grace museums around the world.    I'll post a little video but I wasn't able to capture most of the great work done that week, including a sculpture installation on the Mediterranean coasts of Italy and Tunisia.    Hammamet is an unspoiled coastal resort town and I wondered if this is the way Santa Barbara, California must have looked 100 years ago.  The Tunisians are warm and welcoming and if you can speak French...even just a little, you will get on well.  The resorts have staff who speak English and I can highly recommend the Hotel Sindbad.  We painted out of doors almost every day in the middle of town squares where the public could observe disparate nationalities creating art in peace and harmony.     It was an experience that I'll never forget and I highly recommend applying for  this kind of artistic symposium.  When we get out of our bubbles and push our comfort levels all kinds of wonderful things find us.  I will be forever changed and l look forward to another opportunity like this."  


Susan's work is currently represented by Beckwith Gallery in Reno, Nevada and her paintings hang in private collections around the world.


Though many interpret my work as abstract, I describe it as completely non-objective.  I'm not trying to abstract a still-life or landscape but rather I use lines, shapes and especially color to communicate ideas, feelings and emotions.  My objective is to elicit a response.

I changed from oils to acrylic paints and mediums because it forces me to make decisions quickly and intuitively before the paints dry.  Because I began painting on large canvas I use very large brushes and rubber palette knives so that I can paint bold strokes which originate from my shoulder.  Those big gestures feel like they open my heart so that I can infuse the painting with my energy and emotion.  

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017     Beckwith Gallery, Reno, NV   Opening Reception June 15  6-9pm
2016     Metro Gallery, Reno, NV    "No Line Around My Thoughts"
2014     The Riverside Hub, Reno, NV
2014     BWV Gallery, Reno, NV       “Instinctive Territory”
2014     Singer Social Club, Reno, NV
2009     Sierra Design Group, Incline Village, NV
2008     Teshima Gallery, Paris, France
2006     M Studio, Incline Village, NV
2003     Incline Village Art Gallery, Incline Village, NV

 Selected Juried Exhibitions
2014     Tahoe Maritime Museum, Homewood, CA

 Selected Group Exhibitions
2017  Hammamet, Tunisia    May

2015     Sparks Heritage Museum  Sparks, NV
2015     Liberty Fine Art Gallery   Reno, NV
2015     The Lasting Dose Gallery   Reno, NV   “The Blue Project”
2014     Liberty Fine Art Gallery   Reno, NV
2014     The Generator Gallery   Sparks, NV    “The Circle Project”
2014     Art Nevada Gallery   Virginia City, NV
2014     Reno Art Works  Reno, NV   “Hot One Inch”
2013     Art Nevada Gallery   Virginia City, NV
2009     Liquid Assets   Ashland, OR
2007     Carrousel de Louvre   Paris, France
2005     Art’s Desire Gallery   Incline Village, NV

 Awards and Honors
2015      Artspot Featured Artist (February) Reno, NV
2014     “Best in Show” Tahoe Maritime Museum “Sunken Treasures”, Homewood, CA

 Media and Reviews
2015     Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine July Issue
2015     Reno Tahoe Tonight Radio Interview

 Professional Memberships/Associations
Dusty Roads Artists – St Mary’s Art Center, Virginia City, NV
Sierra Arts Foundation – Executive Board Member